DC Diplomats Standing Strong

The 2014/2015 Northeast Team Handball League (NTHL) ended in April and DC Diplomats are proud to have participated in all three divisions: Men’s Division 1, Men’s Division 2, and Women’s Division.

In Men’s Division 1, DC Diplomats finished 4th with 4-2-4 record, tying the division winner New York City THC twice. Two of our players were also top scorers, Azaret Rivera with 46 goals and Andreas Andwander with 30 goals.

In Men’s Division 2, DC Ambassadors finished 2nd, with 5-1-3 record. Three of our players made the leaderboard – Francois Pral with 33 goals and Brandon Kaminski and Miguel de Mulder with 22 goals each.

In Women’s Division, DC Diplomats finished 4th, with a 4-5 record.

We would like to thank Jan O’Shea and Bryan Cothorn for effortlessly leading the league and for all of their hard work to make every league day successful.

We would also like to congratulate New York City Team Handball Club, NYAC-B, and USMA-West Point Black for winning their respective division in the 2014/2015 NTHL season.

Written by Mila Manevska