Exciting start to the 2015/2016 Season!

D1 Men


DCD 18 V NYC2 17
DCD 21 V Army Gold 20
DCD 23 V Boston THC 23

DC Men started the 2015/2016 season with three nail-biting games.

To kick off the NTHL for DC, the men had their first match against NYC2.  Both teams played strong defense, keeping the sore to a close 18-17.  Zare Rivera led DC into a victory with 7 goals in this game.IMG_4613

Game two was against the fast Army Gold.  Each year they seem to get bigger and faster.  The dramatic game went down to the final 9 meter throw off after the game ending whistle to give Army Gold the chance to tie.  With a final block, DC squeaked out a victory 20-21.

The final game of the day, the men faced the strong and talented Boston THC.  The game did not have a goal spread over 2 goals.  The key players to this match were the goalie, Omar Kassab, and the center, Brandon Kaminski.  Omar made save after save, keeping the BTH sharpshooters at bay.  Brandon finished being the top scorer of the match with 8 goals.  The game finally ended in a 23-23 tie.

The DC Men are currently in first place, and look to challenge the NYC1 and Army Black in the upcoming League Day 2 on December 5th.



DCD 16 V Boston THC 9
DCD 34 V Army Gold 5
DCD 33 V Army Black 9


IMG_4676The women’s team traveled to West Point on November 1, playing their first league match against Boston. The experienced Boston team played very well, but the DCD women’s team was able to push hard and win the match 16-9. Half of DCD goals were scored by the right back, Cecile Balanche.

After one game break, our women’s team played the Army Gold team, outscoring them 34-5. In this game, Cecile had 8 goals again, and the right wing Maria Margalef had 9 goals. Our goalkeeper Ivana Rochac had an amazing game, allowing only a fraction of the shots made to the DCD goal.

Finally, the third game of the day was against Army Black team, where DCD won 33-9. The leading scorer for our team was Heidi Hreinsdottir, who had 10 goals.

It was a fantastic day for the women’s team, who are looking forward to the next league games in Ocean, NJ on January 17, 2016.



Written by Brandon Kaminski