Traveling to West Point once again!
DC Diplomats travel to West Point, New York to participate in the Captain Pace Memorial Invitational Tournament.





“The tournament was named after former West Point Team Handball player, and our fallen brother, CPT Scott Pace, who was killed in Afghanistan on June 6th, 2012.”

It was our honor for our team to be invited to this tournament and participate with the other elite teams.




USA Air Force

USA Deaf National Team

Boston THC


Army West Point Black

Army West Point Gold

New York City


Chicago Inter




DC had their work cut out for them for the weekend tournament.  The schedule was action packed with 6 games for DC in less than 30 hours.
Day 1

DCD 20 V Army Black 20
DCD 16 V USA Deaf NT 17
DCD 23 V Boston THC 17

Day 2

DCD 21 V USA Air Force 17
DCD 15 V Ontario 13
DCD 20 V NYAC 23



Tournament Results:

1st place: New York City

2nd place: Army West Point Black

3rd place: NYAC

4th place: DC Diplomats

After game 5, it was deja vu going into game 6 with DC facing off against NYAC for the bronze medal just like 2015 Nationals.  Unfortunately, history repeated itself and DC ended up taking 4th place.

This tournament was a great challenge and a good growth opportunity.  It helped DC work on their chemistry and gain momentum into the next league day in DC on April 2nd!
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Written by Brandon Kaminski