Keeping up with our mission

As part of our mission to develop the sport of team handball through outreach with local youth programs, four DC Diplomats representative held a clinic at Model Secondary School for the Deaf high school. The clinic was designed to introduce the students to the sport of team handball by walking them through the main rules and positions as well as showing them the beginner’s moves necessary to start learning handball.

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The students’ favorite part of the clinic was when they got the chance to pass the ball, learn the three steps, and dribble. We set a few stations where they got to learn different ways to pass and dribble the ball.

Ultimately, the students got a chance to shoot on the goal where we also taught two brave students on how to be goalies. The last 20 minutes of the clinic, the students got to scrimmage each other on full court and they had a fantastic time. They applied the dribbling, steps and passing lessons they had learned before and enjoyed scoring.

Thank you to Brandon, Francois, Mila and Vincent for coming out and transferring your handball knowledge to the students.

Thank you to John Castrese, the Athletic Director at MSSD, as well as the interpreters who were very helpful in making sure the clinic was going smoothly and making sure the students understood the lessons.

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Written by Mila Manevska