A Sprint to the Finish


DCD 21 V Army Gold 21
DCD 15 V NYC 22
DCD 20 V Army Black 27

The final match day of the North Team Handball League.  A very tough schedule for DCD facing the top teams in the league in the same day.  DC did not have a shortage of players for these matches as they had the highest roster count of the season.  There was a lot to prove this match day, as the standings count towards the consideration for the ‘Elite’ division of nationals.

While the team had the largest turnout, they also suffered from a few early injuries to 3 team members.  Luckily there were no season ending injuries, but DC had to push through the rest of the day without the full team force.

With the influx of new players, DC struggled with chemistry as they began to learn the play style of their new teammates.  With a challenging finish of 0 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie, DC finished 4th in the league.

Check out the league standings for all the results from this league.

Top Scorers of the league.  We had one DC representative this year!

Top Scorers


Written by Brandon Kaminski