Competing for the Women’s League Title

For the final women’s league day, the DCD women’s team did not have to travel far. The games were held in the MSSD gym in Washington DC. With 6 total games scheduled for the day, DCD played the first game of the day against West Point Black.

The Army Black team has improved very much since the beginning of the season. Their defense was much more aggressive and cohesive and their offence was more organized. The final score was 23-13, where DCD’s Cecile Balanche scored 8 goals, Maria Margalef scored 6 and Monika Samalova scored 5 goals.

DCD Women

After this game, DCD Women had a long break to rest and prep for the last match of the day and last match of the Women’s League, against NYC. The turnout of this game was going to decide the Women’s champion, because DCD and NYC were tied for 1st place according to the points, but DCD was leading by a significant amount of goal differential.  DCD needed a win or a tie in the last game in order to become the Women’s league champions.

The game started off with aggressive defense on both sides. It was very clear from the beginning that both teams wanted the title. For DCD Women, this season has been one of the most successful one in the last 4 years, so this last game was special for the team. We had a great audience who was supporting us through the full 50 minutes and we want to thank them for coming out.

The game was very intense in every minute, and in the first half the DCD team was leading by 3 goals. During the last 10 minutes of the first half, NYC was able to tie the game at 9 vs 9 before we went to the half time break.

The second half of the game was as intense as the first one, with the score fluctuating throughout the whole half. The winner of the game was undecided until the last second of the game, but unfortunately NYC took the win with 20 vs 19 and became the champions of this year’s women’s league.
For DCD, the top scorers were Cecile Balanche with 9 goals and Mila Manevska with 4 goals.

For DCD, this was one of the toughest games of the season and the toughest loss in the last few years. The team played so well and was able to play at the high level they have been playing all season. Second place in the league is one of the best standings the team has had in the last 4 years and we look forward to becoming even better next season.

DCD 23 V Army Black 13
DCD 19 V NYC 20

Here are the top 10 scorers of the season. Congrats to our very own Cecile, Maria and Heidi for being on the list.

Women Top Scorers DCD Women


Written by Mila Manevska