What a ride

DCD 2015-2016 Men Year In Review

DCD 2015-2016 Men

DCD 2015-2016 Women Year In Review

DCD 2015-2016 Women


I would like to start off with thanking all of the people who made this season possible!  Your constant support and help with growing this awesome sport and constant love of the game keeps this club alive and well!

Our season was a roller-coaster ride with highs and lows.  We faced some early challenges with some players becoming injured, and struggling with a consistent roster.  The men did not finish as we would have liked to in the league (4th out of 6), but we look to continue to build chemistry and a solid team for next season.  The women did extremely well, and probably the best in the history of the club.  They finished 2nd in the league and dominating almost all the teams they played.

This year, our team came together and by the end of the season, we were not only a club, but a family.

We also had a few players leave to go travel back to Europe (others moving out of the DC area). We wish them best of luck in the next chapter and hope to see them again very soon!

You can see full stats and a breakdown of the season in the attached documents above.

Thanks again!


Written by Brandon Kaminski