May’s Rankings – Live from Myrtle Beach

(#4 Houston Firehawks THC are ready for the chance at Nationals)

It’s Nationals weekend, and teams’ hard work throughout the season has been leading to this weekend.

Men’s Top 25 Rankings – NYAC (14-1) remains #1 in the country heading to Nationals, with NYC (14-1) #2. Joining them in the Elite Division are Chicago Inter (27-3-1, #3), Houston Firehawks (5-3-2, #4), SF CalHeat (14-1-5; #5) DC Diplomats (9-2-4, #6), Army WPB (15-1-10, #7), Boston (6-9, #9), and Los Angeles THC (6-3, #19).

Women’s Top 5 Rankings – Team Rogue (5-0) comes into Nationals as #1 in the country, flanked behind by NYC THC (9-1). Boston (8-2) and Houston Firehawks (4-0) share the 3rd spot in the country. DC Diplomats (7-3) round off the Top 5.

April’s Rankings are now live!

(Photo Courtesy Chicago Inter Team Handball)

In a March which saw activity around the country, we’ve seen some shakeups in the National Rankings!

  • The Midwest?
    • Chicago Inter won the inaugural MTHL title, with Barrington THC finishing second. Looking forward to seeing a potential 8 team MTHL next season!
    • The Arnold Classic occurred in Columbus, OH. Even though it was a bad weekend for East Coast travelers, it was a good weekend for Columbus Armada.
  • The West?
    • The Valley of the Sun tournament occurred, with San Francisco CalHeat earning their first tournament win of the season. We also saw the debuts this season (at long last) of Phoenix and Los Angeles.
    • The Sasquatch Slam occurred in Portland, OR, with Seattle taking the honors.
  • The Northeast?
    • NYC Women won the women’s division of the NTHL, and continued their prep for Nationals.
    • The Nassau Coliseum saw NYC3 taken on Long Island Tigers in special match following a Long Island Nets game. Long Island won that nail-biter by one goal.

So… How do the rankings look?

For the men, it’s NYAC, followed by NYC and Chicago Inter. DC Diplomats made a huge jump to the Top 5 as they attempt to make a decision as to which division they will enter in Myrtle Beach.

For the women, Rogue is still on top of the country. Despite the 21-10 loss to DC Diplomats, NYC remains in 2nd, with Houston, Boston, and DCD rounding out the Top 5.

And with College Nationals on the horizon, Army WPB solidifies themselves as the favorite. The voters think UVA and USAFA are in the best position to take them down, though none of the other participants are to be discounted.


March’s Rankings

(The participants for the 2018 Cal Cup)

March’s rankings are live!

In college, Army WPB keeps their hold on number one. UVA moves up to #2 with US Air Force Academy falling to #3.

The Women’s Top 5 sees Rogue as #1, but NYC rising to #2. Houston, Boston, and Chicago round off the Top 5.

And… In the Top 25… Nothing changes in the Top 6. There is plenty of movement outside of those 6 though, and teams begin to differentiate themselves.

While You Were Out

(DC Diplomats celebrate with their 1st Division National Championship. Can they move up to Elite?)

(NOTE: We’re currently having some technical difficulties with the player list; leading scorers and individual stats will return at a later date)

Last month saw three D1 Matchdays, two Women’s Matchdays, 2 D2 Matchdays, and a team punch their ticket to the Elite Division to Myrtle Beach. A lot of action occurred in the NTHL, and there’s plenty to recap.

White Plains

With 15 games to play over a weekend, games can tilt in the direction of any team. This past 3/4 February, all three divisions went the way of New York City Team Handball. NYC3 completed a double sweep in D2, winning its Saturday doubleheader over BTH2, and it’s Sunday doubleheader over Long Island Tigers. NYC’s women got their 1st big wins of the season, defeating previously undefeated Boston Team Handball and DC Diplomats. A second win over Boston later this month, and NYC Women would have the inside route for the league title. NYC’s men team? A familiar phrase to them: 2 Games, 2 Wins.


Following a wonderful youth clinic held by Boston Team Handball, their men and women had a mission for the weekend; the men needed to finish with six wins to qualify for Elite. The women needed to get their win back by NYC to have a shot of winning the league.

Complicating the matter for BTH Men? A new challenger joined the NTHL:

Many thanks to Ontario for joining us this season, especially as a last-minute replacement. The Canadians played very hard, defeating Army WPG and losing to now-league champions NYC 20-19. Boston also had a one goal defeat to NYC (15-14) on the day, and needed to defeat Ontario to get their 6th win and their Elite Division automatic bid.

A 22-13 result later, and Boston booked their tickets to Myrtle Beach.

BTH women played incredibly hard, but ultimately NYC’s defense was too much. BTH finishes their season at 8-2 (16 points) and await their final position. NYC (7-0, 14 points) will have three games to come in Millersville, MD to win the NTHL title.

Charlottesville, VA

A modified matchday due to a schedule issue, the big focus on D1 was DC Diplomats vs UVA. With a doubleheader on tap, the results were vitally important to determining which team had an edge on challenging Army West Point Black for the other Elite spot.

Game 1? DCD wins by two.
Game 2? Tie.

DCD left Charlottesville with their destiny in their own hands; if they win out at home on 1 Apr, they are going to Elite. Thanks to the tie, however, Army WPB has their destiny in the own hands as well; the DCD/WPB game on 1 Apr could be the most important game of the season.

Oh, and if either team slips up? A UVA sweep complicates the matter significantly.

NYAC Keeps Their Reign on the #1 Spot in January’s Rankings

(Boston Team Handball and the other teams are coming after NYAC and the #1 spot)

Another month, and another Top 25 is out!

Three NTHL wins from NYC (6-0) were not enough to surpass our #1 team New York Athletic Club (5-0) in this month’s rankings. Chicago Inter (16-1-1), Revol (3-2), and San Francisco CalHeat (6-4) hold on the the top 5 spots.

With their first games played, the voters felt they had a good gauge on Houston Firehawks (3-1-1), moving them up 8 places to the #6 spot in January. The voters also felt they undervalued Canadian sides Alberta Jrs (2-3) and Ontario (2-3) for their games played in the US, as they moved from outside the Top 25 into the 11th and 12th position respectively.

What will next month’s Top 25 look like? With Cal Cup games taking place at the end of the month, we might see some big moves being made!

January Rankings Are Live for… Women and College Men!

Team Rogue’s Tomuke Ebuwei thanks Santa for her team’s #1 ranking

Two new rankings have hit A ranking of all women’s teams throughout the 17-18 from our voting panel, and a ranking of all men’s college teams in 17-18.

How are the women ranked? Defending National Champions Team Rogue (5-0) is #1 in the rankings, followed by the NTHL-leading Boston Team Handball (5-0). Defending NTHL Champion NYC (2-0), perennial powerhouse Chicago Inter (3-2), and the offensively talented DC Diplomats (4-1) round out your Top 5.

We may see some changes in these rankings as the US as California Cup XII will take place later this month.

And the college men? 11 consecutive Collegiate National Championships? 2 goals from ending NYC’s run on the top of the NTHL mountain? The Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy? Army West Point Black is your unamious #1 college team in the country. US Air Force Academy is #2, with the University of Virginia, Illinois State, and Ohio State-Gray rounding out the Top 5? Can Army West Point Black go wire-to-wire until College Nationals at West Point? We will find out!

Now Live: USA Top 25!

The first set of Top 25 Rankings is out! Rankers from across the US have studied results of games played inside the country, and have now released the first set of Top 25 rankings.

Leading the way at the moment is the undefeated New York Athletic Club (5-0), followed by the undefeated NYC team (3-0) and the MTHL-leading Chicago inter side (12-1). 

Surprises at the moment? Maybe it’s Georgia Handball Club above Boston Team Handball? Maybe it’s Barrington THC over Army WPG? Maybe it’s Houston Firehawks in 14th?

We’ll see how the rankers feel next month.

The next set of rankings will release in January 2018, and will include games played at NTHL Matchday 2 and the Dallas Cup. In addition, a College Men’s Top 10 and Women’s Rankings will debut next month.

Check it out!

Penn State vs West Point Gold – Replay

From last Sunday’s matchday, here is the video of the Army WPG/PSU women’s division game. Can PSU earn their first-ever win?

Many thanks to Christina Bouvier for recording this game.

1st Half:

Gold vs. penn state (sorry I missed the first few minutes)

Posted by Christina Bouvier on Sunday, December 3, 2017

2nd Half:

Coming into the second half of gold v. Penn state. Go Army!

Posted by Christina Bouvier on Sunday, December 3, 2017

Matchday 2: Welcome Penn State!

The NTHL had more visitors come to West Point for Matchday 2 this past week. The Penn State University Women’s Team, led by former Phoenix player Alexa Ciulei, made their debut at long last.

The PSU team had no easy task for their first game, facing off against what is possibly the best women’s team in the country at the moment in Boston Team Handball. Despite giving it their all, PSU succumbed to Boston 24-9.

After a 25-5 loss to DC Diplomats, PSU regathered overnight and refocused themselves for Army West Point Gold. In a game that will soon be visible on, the two teams tied 11-11, giving PSU their first ever points.

Army West Point Gold Women showed significant improvement over the weekend as well. Gold surprised DC Diplomats Saturday morning, holding onto a lead well into the second half of this clash. However, DCD was able to find a way to put away Gold 21-14. 

Army West Point Gold then ended the matchday by playing their varsity team, Army West Point Black. With Santa on the sideline, Gold played extremely well yet again, matching Black goal for goal throughout the evening. Black was able to get the win 21-16, but not without one of the toughest efforts in years from Gold.

On the men’s side, it was the NYC (RPI: 4; SRS: 1) show, as the Gotham Boys defeated Boston 20-15, Army West Point Gold 36-14, and completed the season sweep over last year’s runner up Army West Point Black 26-21. With the season not even halfway over, it appears that NYC is destined to win D1 for the 9th year out of 9.

The battle for the Elite Division shifts then to White Plains, NY after winter break, with Boston Team Handball, Army West Point Black, DC Diplomats, and NYC2 all fighting to finish 2nd and 3rd.

D1 Standings

D1 Standings


Women’s Standings

Women's Standings


The Season is Underway!

The 9th season of the NTHL started last weekend at the United States Military Academy at West Point! 17 games are two divisions are in the books, with a number of surprising developments occurring.


This weekend’s action action saw re-matches and big games in both the Men’s 1st Division and the Women’s Division, with a lot of surprisingly clean and crisp gameplay.

In rematches from the College Nationals’ championship games, Army West Point Black Women were able to defeat UNC 22-11, and Army West Point Black Men defeated UVA 20-16.


NYC, Elite Division Champion from Myrtle Beach 2017, were able to defeat DC Diplomats, 1st Division Champion from Myrtle Beach 2017, 22-17.

Boston Team Handball Women were defeated rather soundedly  in the Quarterfinals of Myrtle Beach 2017 by DC Diplomats Women. With a full roster and coaches Amir Aharon and Nataliya Medyanyk cheering on, they were able to defeat DCD 25-15.


UVA‘s promotion to D1 last season was met with some surprise by a number of teams in the Northeast and around the US, with questions being raised about the team’s suitability for the D1 level. A first matchday loss to Boston last season by a score of 26-11 didn’t ease any concerns.

…And then UVA went to the Blue Cup and pushed Knight Air, Carolina Blue, and NYAC to their limits.

…And then UVA won the inaugural Cavalier Classic.

…And then UVA pushed D1 National Champion DC Diplomats to a one-goal game.

…And then UVA finished 2nd in College Nationals.

Point is, coming into this matchday, UVA’s inclusion was no longer questioned, and they have motivation to earn their win back from Boston.

Alas, it wasn’t to come this season. Despite leading late, Boston was able to rally, for the 25-21 victory. 

DC Diplomats have a roster which allows them to compete with anyone in North America. They feel they have the best chance of any team in the US to defeat NYC, and end the reign of Gotham domination in the Elite Division at Nationals.

There is one team though that always gives DCD trouble: New York City 2. The fast-paced offense of NYC2 traditionally gives DCD fits that the traditional powers don’t. Back in 2015, DCD famously lost to NYC2 right before tying NYC’s first team.

NYC2 did it again. Using their conditioning advantage, NYC2 played an extremely fast game against DCD, winning 31-22. 


While a few teams are now off to gameplan for February and March, the NTHL will return to West Point again this weekend for Matchday 2. PSU Women will make their long-awaited debut, and will NYC Men and BTH Men will clash. NYC2 will try to go 4-0, while Army West Point Gold will try to get their first win.

Here are your standings: