Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are you a professional team?  Can you sign me to a contract?

A: At this time, DCD is an amateur club, and cannot sign players to contracts.


Q: I am a player from [country], and I wish to move to the US to play handball and study.  Can you help?

A: Unfortunately, at this time, DCD (nor any club in the United States) cannot sponsor a player’s visa or residency application.  We are welcoming to any athlete in the DC Metropolitan area, but we do not recruit athletes from other regions.


Q: What should I bring to my first practice?

A: Please bring comfortable non-slippery athletic shoes and a positive attitude.


Q: Is there a membership fee?

A: Yes.  Each player pays a set membership fee which includes cost of gym rental, equipment, league and tournament fees, and jerseys.  The fee is set at the beginning of every season.


Q: Why do you practice only once per week?

A: As handball is an amateur sport in the country, our membership fees and sponsors help us pay for all costs associated with DCD.  One of our more expensive costs is gym time, as available (and handball-suitable) courts in the DC Metro Area are rare and costly.